Xantrex C40 Charge Controller

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    Xantrex is what became of Trace when some of their engineers left to work for Outback (so I'm told).:rolleyes:
    I have a Trace C40 which is identical to the Xantrex C40 WindyNation carries (which I'm also told).:rolleyes:
    This is the first charge controller I ever purchased it has been running in charge control mode since 1999.
    It has always been used in a 12 volt system however I plan to move to a 24 volt system in the new year (if not before) Part of the reason for going with this controller was its flexibility (use in either 12-24-48 volt setups), and being able to be used for dump loads.:cool:
    This is one rock solid charge controller;)
  2. Tuicemen

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    I've had this running on my 24 volt system now for a few years. It is still performing reliable however it is not connected to as many panels as it was when my setup was 12 volt. This was not due to handling issues but due to the fact that I moved some panels off the roof to a pole mount which was handled by a different 60 amp charge controller.
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