WN PMA 500 flying in East Africa

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    The main reason to bring power was for lighting. An more importantly the lighting was needed for studying. These 26 girls who live at this orphanage have no parents and are told that they need to work really hard to get great makes in school. With no education their future is grim. From 4th grade on they go to school from 6am to 9pm. Even at this equator location these hours are too dark to read. There are three outlets for charging cell phones and with time maybe a radio. The light is also used for cooking and security. Have you watched the video of the install? If you search "joshuanminna" on youtube you'll find many more videos of these girls and other mission trips we have done to East Africa.
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    joshua24br WindyNation Engineer

    I was having trouble keeping my battery bank above the "low voltage cut off limit" of 21.5 volts. We have added 120 watts of solar panels to the system and now have a battery bank reading of 27.2. We have 5-6 hours of solar sun hours per day depending on the season. I again give much thanks to those who have helped me along the way
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    That's great news Joshua!
    Glad you were able to get those batteries to a state where they will stay in top shape.
    I'm sure they will last a good long time now that you've got things dialed in with a hybrid system.
    Lot of work but well worth it, I'm sure!


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