Wiring diagram china GTI with battry clamping

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    Optional Dump load controller with 24vdc/48vdc battery clamping. Works best with a 10-30 vdc China Sun G wind rated GTI's. Use a 48vdc battery sytem for clamping with a 22-60vdc GTI. The batteries do not have to be real large if they are only for clamping. 12v tractor batteries would work well for this application. I would also recommend a dedicated A/C line to the main elctrical panel on it's own circuit breaker to run the inverter. D/C lighting arrestor and an AC surge protector is also good idea as well. Please also note that fuses and disconnects should be used before any device like a GTI, CC, to and from the battery bank. Every device needs to be protected. DC grounding needs to be going to it's own ground rod and not shared with the AC ground. D/C lighting arrestor also gets tied to the DC isolated ground only. You would not want the lighting strike to enter your AC grounding system. There is a lot of dispute on grounding a RE system but I feel that installing a seperate gorund and ground rod for the DC can not hurt but only help. If you are not sure look up the NEC code on it. I did not show a ground because everyone has their own methods, this is how i do them.

    Battery clamping is an option to use for keeping the turbine from overvolting the GTI to much in a high wind events. The dump load controller is used if the batteries get to full. Recommened dump controller is to have pulse width modulation control (PWM). There are many ways to do this but this is one of the ways I personally have had sucess at, in the real world with upto 50 MPH winds. I would also recommend not hooking up the dump coils to the GTI in this situation. The batteries and CC will protect the turbine in a power outage. The turbine will spin until it hits battery voltage in a power outage then the CC will take over to dump when needed. Once power is restored the GTI will then send watts back into your home. I feel this system is proven using the WN PMA/turbine or a 24vdc rated Wind Max. I have no other details using any other turbine brand with this set up. A 24v rated turbine works well with the 22-60 GTIvdc system and a 12v turbine works well with the 10-30 GTIvdc set up. I believeWindy nation's PMA is a 28vdc PMA. (I think)

    Wire at your own risk as all wiring should be done by a proffesional.:)
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