Wintura 750, Max amps on each 3-phase leg?

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  1. TKa


    So I see the 24V 750 model can max at ~1100w equaling ~ 45amps. I assume this is measured after the rectifier on the DC side. So what is the max current for each leg of the AC side?

    Is it like this? Star Delta 3-Phase Current = W /(V* SqrRoot3*PF) If Power Factor=1

    I = 26.5A per leg??
  2. TKa


    I'm ready to buy the 24V 750 but can't until I get some specs on the AC output of the PMA. What's the max Voltage and Current across 2 of the phases so I can appropriatly size some of the components for my AC diversion load? All the specs for this thing are after the rectifier on the DC side. Are there output specs from the manufacturer of the 750 PMA? I would assume they have to test the PMA's output before shipping to assure it meets some quality control specs.
  3. windyguru

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    We have not done extensive testing while monitoring the AC current of the Windtura 750. The most current I think I have ever seen on an AC leg of the Windtura 750 is about 28-29 amps. This measurement would be right before the turbine furls and this number (28-29 amps) is based off my memory so I could be off by a little. This measurement was performed while the Windtura 750 was connected to a 24VDC battery bank and the VDC of the battery bank was probably about 30VDC during the time of this measurement.

    Sorry, but that is about all the information I can give you with respect to your question.
  4. TKa


    OK thanks. I assume that 29amps is using a clamp on one leg.
  5. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Yes, you are correct.

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