Windy Nation Role Call?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Andy R., Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Andy R.

    Andy R. WindyNation Engineer

    Hey, it's the Holidays and I'm hanging on out on the board and was just wondering who's still out there and who's new around here so I thought I'd start a Holiday "Roll Call". I'll go 1st.

    Andy R. Central Pa.
    Joined Sept. 2010.
    Made 13.6 KWh on Saturday. Having a great Christmas!

    PS: Are Blue Jay, Murray2paddels, or Minnnesota still around?
  2. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    Here !!!
    TomT NE Ohio
    Joined Apr 7 ,2010
    Made just .56 KWH on Saturday :(
    Checking in on 5/19/2016
  3. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    Checking in. Leamy in PA. Good winds tomorrow so i will report. Have not heard from Minnesota. Mur has been in contact with me here and there but still laying low. Glad to see you boys are around.
    4kw on Sat.:rolleyes:
  4. Hi guys, Merry Christmas.
    Ken F. Central Iowa
    Joined Dec. 2011
    Made no electricity today. Panels are under snow and no wind.

    Running 3 - 800 Watt 24 volt PMA's hooked in parallel roof mounted.
    Two banks of SunG Wind GTI's as follows:
    One bank of 2 - 500 Watt and 1 -300 Watt 10.8-30 volt GTI's hooked in parallel
    One bank of 3 - 500 Watt 22-60 volt GTI's hooked in parallel
    These banks are switched to the PMA's to run either bank.
    PMA's are also individually switched to feed GTI banks or 24 volt charge controller and battery bank.
    2 - 250 Watt 24 volt Solar Panels hooked in parallel roof mounted fixed.
    1 - 600 Watt 22-60 volt Sun Solar GTI
    Solar panels are switched to feed either solar GTI or charge controller and battery bank.
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  5. Late ck in been busy
    Two track
    Join date 12-1-12
    Southeast MI on Lake Erie
    500 watt wind turbine
    175 watt solar
    Off grid running lights in my home goal is to keep growing this year and rely less on the grid :)
  6. Noobie here.

    Don't know much, but learning.
  7. Andy R.

    Andy R. WindyNation Engineer

    We need Noobies. Thanks.
  8. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    New to forum but not green living.;)
    Always learning new approaches to off grid living.

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