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  1. Howdy Everyone,

    I am a recent windy nation convert. About a year ago I made the mistake of buying my 48 volt 2 turbine system from in Alaska. What a mistake that was. I should have know better when they advertised their turbines as 2000 watts, but I was new to alternative energy. What ensued was 20-30 emails and forum posts about my sucky turbine system that only put out 6-7 amps in 40-50 mph winds ( I live in a class 6 wind zone, near the Tehachapi Wind Farm). Even in gale force winds, my system never put out more than 8 amps.

    To top it all off, one of my slip rings and alternators went out after 8 months, and they refused to honor their own warranty. Don't ever do business with this company. It appears to be owned by some guy named Scott Stevens out of Wasilla, Alaska. Talk about poor customer service, it took him 2 month to replace my broken slip ring, after which he says my pma is out of warranty service; even though it died at the same time as the slip ring.

    Enough said. I now plan to make my own turbines using the PMA's I found here. While they are rated at 750 watts, they have to be better than the ones I have now. I am collecting lots of advice on my build from your forum. Keep putting out the good ideas. Thanks to you guys I will never have to deal with poor customer service out of Alaska again!
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    Yeah, most new people get ripped-off by the scammers pushing car PMA wind turbines, especially on eBay and YouTube, claiming 10-times the power that is actually ever produced. The WN PMA is solid, just use well matched blades.

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