Windy Nation 500 Watt PMA w/3 blades

Discussion in 'Post Your Photos' started by arthagar, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. arthagar

    arthagar WindyNation Engineer

    Blue sky in Glen Rose, Texas :lol:

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  2. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Nice turbine! Do you have it completely up and running now?
  3. arthagar

    arthagar WindyNation Engineer

    Howdy Windyguru,
    I had it running about 5 minutes after I climbed down off the top of my barn. I have a Wind Star also (it worked as long as I can kept redoing the broken plastic hub and plastic blades. I licked that problem by making a hub out of the bottom of an old one quart sauce pan, and cutting down and straightening some Windy Nation blades that were bent when they flew over 200 feet across my back yard after the plastic hub broke in one of our gentle 26 mph Texas winds.)
    I also have 3-60 watt solar panels I built myself and 3-15 watt Harbor Freight Panels. All of this is going into 8 deep discharge batteries wired in parallel. I am attempting to heat and cool a 12x18 greenhouse. Not happy with the results. I need to find a guru to consult with. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    My future plans are to add another Windy Nation PMA and 3 more 60 watt panels. Later comes power for my 3 horse water well pump setting at 715 feet deep.
    P S The Windy Nation PMA just keeps on ticking like my Timex watch. I am real pleased. :D

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