Windtura500 on A water wheel

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  1. Here is my video I am entering for the contest.
    I am using a Windtura 500

    Ok here is some more technical information:
    24v DC system
    Windynation 3 phase PMA
    Rectified and current cleaned out with a 2200mF capacitor.
    140watt output (110 due to bearing failure)

    Water site spec:
    2 Feet of head
    Power = head x flow x gravity

    Which gives me 324 watts, but at 80% efficiency the out put would be 259 watts.
    Each bearing will give me losses of about 17 watts each: -68
    The Vbelt efficiency is only 90%, I have 3 belts on the system.
    259-68 = 191
    134 watts of power at the end of the day, not to mention the losses in wire and in the generator.
    Obviously I have not inspected some part of my system properly, because I am getting more power than I should! (this is good!) I have seen 6 amps input at the battery moniter
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    Hey Pascal!

    That's great! Thanks for posting the video.

    Can you tell us more about your hydro generator? Tell us how you built it? What components? How much power is it producing and what are you doing with the power?

  3. leamywind1

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  4. We went to a sheet metal shop and had the wheel fabricated from our own design. All the bearings are stainless, and the main drive belt is a XB style which is for higher horsepower applications.
    Lower the RPM the more stress on the drive parts. The PMA has a custom machined tapered bushing for the shaft. I am rectifying then cleaning the current with a massive 2200mF capacitor (7"x3") which I had laying around the yard. My dump load is a 300w resistor, which is switched on by my Outback MX60 when the bank reaches float.
    Currently one of the bearings has failed so I my outputs are not as high as they were.
    Last year I had a full 6 amps (144w), but this year only ˜4amps due to the bearing failure.
    The head is about two feet, and the unit has so far been very reliable.
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    Love the cypress too! Good tastes.I think you could gear that baby up more P..100mph winds is equal to 6mph moving water..
  6. If I increase the ratio the wheel slows down too much and I do not produce as much power.
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    Sounds like you need to figure out how to contain a larger pool to force it at higher pressures thru a wheel.I have seen guys use those big horse type tubs but the few thousand gallon type and run a pipe out the bottom down hill to have thousands of pounds of would have to run a screen over the exit in the tub and clean it periodically but if it was only hip waders deep,that wouldnt be to bad....You could shoot for 400-500 watts and it not be to hot and still run continous till the bearings go...Hell how far is it into your home.
    You have the option of making power 24hrs a day 7 days a week..We would never have that option with wind.
  8. I edited my original post to explain more about the system, I hope it clarifies the whole shabang!
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    I love it dont get me wrong,,P I just see how you could of made hella more power..Your tube is to big and its just dropping water on it,In home power magazine they have tons of adds for the spoon wheels so the pipe that pushes it is shooting high pressure water out.Hell you could be making a few K with the right gen head!
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    I apologize for derailing this thread guys :(
  11. As stated "Power = head x flow x gravity"
    There is not enough head to generate that pressure. Our land is very flat and there is no where to make any gains. That is why i built a water wheel!
    I have been doing this for a while now, and it is just not possible
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    Alright,your the boss i cant really see the layout behind it plus you would have to get a back hoe in there to dig out for the resevoir tank to go before the pipe. It badass to see water creating power for you!

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