Windtura SuperAmp for 12 Volt Banks...

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by DonMcJr, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. DonMcJr

    DonMcJr WindyNation Engineer

    I saw your video for this...looks like what I need since mine took a dump.

    Two questions...have you tried it with turbo torque blades?

    When can I get my hands on much???

    Saw your video on your YouTube you need a tester, LOL
  2. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Hi Don,

    Where are about 10 weeks away from having them ready for sale. It definitely will not work with TurboTorque blades. You will need the WindGrabber Rotor for the SuperAmp to work properly.

    The SuperAmp PMA will retail around $399 and the complete wind turbine will be $999.98.

    Honestly though, it seems that your application does not require too much power. Maybe the Rover would be better suited for your needs ... and it costs less!

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