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    I am a final year engineering student and I am looking to purchase a variable speed permanent magnet generator/altenator for use on a impulse turbine as part of my final year project. I was wondering if anybody would be able to supply me with power curves for the Windtura 500 or the Windtura 750 showing either power verses rpm or torque versus rpm.
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    well they have this under the 750---
    Question: Do you have a more detailed datasheet showing Volt and Amps versus RPM?
    The Windtura 500 gives about 12 volts per 90 rpm. Amps depends on the load. For a 24 volt battery bank, it does about 20 amps at about 600 rpm. It will put out even more amps at that rpm if it is charging a 12 volt battery bank.

    We provide a Power Curve that shows power production of the Windtura 500 attached to a 24-Volt battery. Click on the image of the generator or note the "Downloads" available at the bottom of the product description.

    the videos show the power curve but as far as the RPMs to power windy might be able to give you a better answer on that one. All I can say is above it says 12v per 90 RPMs. hope this helps ya.
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    Okay thanks for your reply Chris.

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