Windtura 500 PMA - Weather Resistance?

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by timber, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Does the Windtura 500 PMA come sealed, as in watertight at the ends of the enclosure?
    I realize that where the wires exit the case, it will not be a tight seal but that could be made watertight with a dab of silicone caulking, correct?
    I guess my questions is, are there any type of seals or gasket material used where the extrusion meets the stainless steel end covers?
    Or, do I need to use some type of sealant on them?

    I have no problem doing what's necessary to be sure things are watertight but wanted to know if it's necessary?
    The reason I ask, is that I live in Washington state where constant rain is a way of life. I'd like to get/ keep things sealed from the start.

    Thanks for any information that you can provide.

  2. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    The is no seal or gasket where the extrusion hits the stainless steel. The aluminum is press fit into the stainless steel and there metal to metal contact (aluminum to stainless). This does form a metal to metal seal. But if you want to add some additional sealant, it can only help.

    You can definitely add some silicone to where the wires exit.
  3. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Thanks WindyGuru,
    I'll seal it up at both places, even though the press fit is probably just fine.
    We get a lot of nasty driving rain, I'll sleep better knowing it's staying dry.
    Could be worse and have salty ocean air ... it's just plain wet here.

    Thank you,


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