Wind Turbines Kill birds. Yea OK but check this out.

Discussion in 'Start here' started by TomT, Jul 27, 2013.

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  2. My nephew and his wife came down from Colorado Springs the 4th of July and we got into about the birds and wind turbines. They were putting mine down and said you will kill birds. I told them if I saw them on my turbine or guy wires the blades will be the least of their problems. I brought out my Mossberg 12 ga and showed them what they need to worry about. Told them we needed more turbines to control the birds around here. I never thought about the Eagles and Hawks not looking up at the wind farms untill I read this artical. We have a few Eagles lots of Hawks and lots of Buzzards all protected and they could be a problem. I wonder if something like a deer whistle on the blade tips would help? But then it would scare of all the deer in these normaly deer infested areas. I don't have an answer. I was thinking more of black birds and crows which we are being over-run with here.
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    Yes we were being over run too.
    Find out now we have to drive a ways out of town to fire a shotgun or rifle anymore.:(
    Used to be able to do it almost right in town.
    But this year I have seen a lot less black birds and crows.
    When I was a kid if we saw too many it was shooting gallery time. Throw out some corn kernels and start shooting. The parents would supply the shells.:D
    Do not have any idea what happened to them this year.
    Last year they would fill the neighborhood trees.
  4. They still do here. It's open season when I see them in my pasture. I have gotten as many as 8 with one 410 shot. Not as bad now that I don't plant anymore but when I would put wheat down they would turn the ground black. Animal rights people have gone too far. We have a problem in town at a park with parie dogs and the city decided to thin them out some. They got caught putting poison out in the middle of the night and they caught heck from the animal rights people and had to pay a big fine. Now they are running everywhere and getting run over in the streets. I have seen the same thing on TV about the Bald Eagle in Alaska.
  5. For every "ONE" wind turbine bird kill, Communication Towers kills 250, Pesticides kill 700, Vehicles kill 700, High Tension Lines kill 800, Cats kill 1,000, Other kills 1,000, and Buildings/Windows kill 5,500. There will always be a few animal rights kooks running about, but real environmentalists know these numbers and are fully aware that most of the wind turbine bird kill propaganda originates from within the fossil fuel industries.

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