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  1. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    This is my roof mount bracket system. No vibrations in the house. Seen 60 MPH winds and no problems. All made out of 1/4" steel and powder coated.

    [attachment=0:2iwlq5i6]Wind max hybrid 002.jpg[/attachment:2iwlq5i6]
    NO Batteries.This is my grid tie control system for wind with a REAL KW meter.The enclosure contains all the controls and saftey features, A/C elelctric brake, GFCI protection, 240v A/C connection, rectifiers, D/C fuses, cooling fan, dump ressistors and a Turnigy meter. The power runs from the grid tie inverter system thru the KW meter and into our electrical panel. We also have a TED 1001 hooked to the system for remote monitoring on our second floor as well as a remote voltage meter. We can watch production from 3 different points in our home. This control system is set up for 3 wind turbines but can be modified for 1 or many more. It runs from 0-60v. At 60v the dump load control kicks in. I use two different inverters 10-30v and 22-60v. I have covered low and high wind production. I can produce power from 8-40MPH winds and get 10-1800watts. I also have 2kw of solar with Enphase micro inverters. Both my wind and solar run thru the same Kw meter in the picture with an A/C disconnect between the control system and the Kw meter. I am still trying to

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  2. Minnesota

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    Did you design the mount or buy it? There is definitely a need for mounts like this on the market for small wind turbines.
  3. bluejay

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    I honestly would NEVER mount a turbine within arms reach of solar panel that would shatter if a blade broke...Other than that the system looks clean and top notch... :mrgreen:
  4. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    Yes, I designed and fabricated it myself. As far as the solar panel mounted underneath it, Bluejay you have a very good point. I have full trust in those blades as they are not home made. If a blade were to shatter, I know I will have more problems then just a busted panel but that is the chance you take with any turbine unless it is 200 ft away or more from any structure. I wish I had the room to errect a 60ft tower as well as installing my panels on the ground. I love ground mount solar for the Northeast. My panels and turbines are mounted on my roof, (1) roof mount tubine and two pole mounted on each side of the house with 8 solar panels on the roof. I do check the turbines about once a month to hopefully avoid any issues as my neighbor's house is about 50ft away. So far so good so, I will let you guy's know if there are any issues. At this point everything is doing GREAT. No rust, no loose bolts,no leaks, everything is sound after one year.
    Thanks for the comments and I hope I can help

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