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  1. hi yall im the the newbe. i have 180watts of solar 450ah battery bank and no controler yet, plan to buy wind turbin need to know if c60 will control both wind /solar at the same time.
  2. rey

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    Hi I'm a new member and this is my first time chatting with you. I have a question. I build a 500w solar panel and it is working great. I installed its own 30a power controler from morningstar, (prostar-30), 2000w inverter and a battery bank connected in parallel (5 batteries 115 amp/hr ea.). In a sunny day I connect two refrigerators for a least 7 hr or one 24 hrs a day. I bought a wind generator, I installed it and I conected to the same battery bank with its own charge controller in order to have some energy during the night and have more electrical thing to connect. My question is do you think that it was a good idea to use the same battery bank and what complication do I'm going to see with the charge controllers. Note: the solar panel system work great with its own charge controller and the wind generator I just connected but I haven't experience a good wind to see the reactions. please advice. (pma m12 from presto wind)
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    The Xantrex controllers we sell will work with wind and solar simultaneously in "diversion mode". The Xantrex Instruction Manual which comes with the controller, has very good instructions on how to do this. The Xantrex C60 will be more than adequate to handle 180 Watts of solar and a fairly large (~1000 Watt or a 9 foot diameter) wind turbine.
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    There should be no complications. The wind turbine should have its own diversion charge controller because charge controllers that are solely designed for solar panels are not compatible with wind turbines. This is because wind turbines must always be connected to an electrical load to keep them from overspeeding whereas solar panels can simply be disconnected from the electrical load.The Xantrex C35 will very easily handle a Presto Delco PMA. I would recommend one of our 300 Watt dump loads as your diversion load for the wind turbine.
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    I am sorry, but what is the Xantrex C35? do you think that 300 w dump load will be enough with this system when solar and wind power are connected together? what about in a sunny and windy days? don't the wattage will increase and it would need more than that? I already ordered 1200w last week and I got it already but I don't know exactly the amount of wattage that I need to dump.
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    Hi Rey good to hear from you ! Windy, I sold Rey the Presto he is speaking of, after he told me about his set up I suggested he comes here for more informed feedback especially when it involves solar ( not my area). The issue I see him with is now has both wind and solar feeding the same bank. He already has a controller that I believe is solar only with an internal heat sink. I also believe he purchased a separate controller hoping to work with his wind. Now he has two controllers fighting over who is in charge of his battery bank. I also recommended the WN 300 w dump coil .

    Now if everything is correct that I explained is there anyway that Rey can use / set up what he already has and just add the dump coil to his new controller ?
    Or does he have to eliminate the two controllers he already has and use the Xantrex ?
    Rey, the Xantrex is a controller WN sells ( you can see it in their store on this site)
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    Here is a lesson on PMAs. First, the RPM you can expect will be well under 1000 on a wind turbine, and even slower if your blades are long. Secondly, the chart above is the max current it will do when short circuited. When connected to a battery it will do no more than 75% of that. So look, if we pick 500RPM, the current to a battery will be 75% of 5 amps = 3.75 Amps. Therefore on a 12V battery bank it can produce 45w and twice that on a 24V bank. Ughh!
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    Why don't you just try and help the person out instead of tearing things apart all the time ! Some people are trying to make good with what they have.
    You really could have chosen a different thread to teach your lesson !
    Can't say what I really want to say at the moment .
  10. thanks, windy i think ill go with the C60. i have another qustion, can i parallel two pma's to controler after the rectifier? thanks for the help.
  11. OK never mind. i fond my answer, thought i coud but wasn't shure about the pma's and feedback.
  12. Hello, everyone. I am ben from Kansas City. I would like to share my experience here and this is my first posting to acknowledge my official posting.

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