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    Looks to me like it is a variable pitch design. As the wind speed picks up the blades turn out of the wind, the blade system becomes less efficant and slowing the unit down. This is all spring controlled and with centrifical force. This is what i see anyway.:)
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    That is the way I see it too. When the centripetal force of the rotating generator shaft exceeds the tension force of the springs holding the brake, then the "Albers Air Brake" is activated.

    Judging by the picture, it seems that those flaps would extend outward as the springs elongated in high winds. As the flaps extended outward, they would be in position to counteract the rotational force of the blades and thus slow the wind turbine down. I cannot be 100% sure but that is my educated guess.
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    What a design! .......I think that the pitch of the blades was fixed but like the guru said, around 20 MPH the centrifical force opens the flaps and then the blades slow down. All that 1930's technology also makes a good "flywheel". (Where's Tom T? )

    From the Artical:

    So that sounds to me like that was the way that they'd keep the batteries from running the windmill backwards when the wind went down. Nowdays we have "diodes".
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    That flywheel that I used worked good for smoothing out the gusts but it also stops you from getting some of the power when there is just a breeze . Takes awhile to start up when you you get some low wind. That is why I went with the dump load thing. Slows the turbine down during gusts without shorting it out. At 25+ the turbine takes off and spins fast when shorted across all three wires. Was worried about burning it up. So far all is working fine.
    I like the wincharger design but with the wind gusts I get it probable would tear it up.

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