Will this motor work as a wind generator?

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by coletocreek, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. coletocreek

    coletocreek WindyNation Engineer

    Will this work as a wind generator?

    PMDC Servo motor 90mm,length about 220mm,voltage:24VDC 250W 2000RPM 10 amp rating.

  2. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Hi JD,
    The quick answer is: No the motor will not work for a wind generator. Its 12 Volt "cut in" rpm will be way too high for the wind to achieve.
    Look for a motor that has AT LEAST a 0.025 volts/rpm ratio (That is the volts the motor is rated for divide by the rpm the motor is rated for.). Even better, look for a motor that has a Volts/rpm ratio of 0.04 and you can start generating power in low winds (~7 mph).

    Try buying a 3 phase AC brushless servo motor on ebay. There are some that are rated for around 200 Volts at 3000 rpm that would make excellent wind generators. If you shop around you can probably pick one up for 30-40 bucks that can make a lot of power. Make sure it is rated for at least 5 amps. 10-15 amps would be even better and 15-20 amps would be EVEN better, and 20-25 amps .....

    If you have any other questions just post them and I will answer them if I can. Good luck.
  3. Sweechgate

    Sweechgate WindyNation Engineer

    Thanks Admin,
    Just the sort of info that can make so much difference when starting out into this minefield.
  4. gvabish

    gvabish WindyNation Engineer

    i like to purchase the motor with this specs;120 volts dc, 14.2 amps, 3600 rpm, cont. duty. Is this a good motor and can i use your 5 superspin blades on it, shaft is 5/8, 4 inch. diameter and 8.25 long, class H,thanks.
  5. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    It will work good if you have the wind. You will need to get to 12 volts to start charging a 12 volt battery.

    5-HyperSpin blades will get you there in about 12 mph wind. If you got the wind, it should be a good motor.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello - New to the forum and wind power. I've been searching for a motor for several months now and finally found a free used treadmill. A picture of the motor specs is provided. Will this motor work for a wind generator? Thanks in advance!
  7. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Yes, it looks good. But you need to test it first to make sure it is a Permanent Magnet Motor.Just hook up a voltmeter to the output wires, spin the shaft with your hand, and make sure it makes voltage when you spin the shaft.

    It looks like it is a single phase motor. You will need to purchase a single phase bridge rectifier (NOT a 3 phase bridge rectifier like you see in the windy nation store) to convert the AC to DC. These are fairly cheap. You should be able to find one for around 3 or 4 dollars.

    PS -- From the picture the motor looks to be a servo motor, not a treadmill motor. This is a good thing because servo motors are better built than treadmill motors in my opinion.
  8. Cencal

    Cencal WindyNation Engineer

    Thanks Windyguru...I had some problems with my account and had to re-register. Anyway, the AC motor I have is apparently an induction motor...I couldn't get any volt readings by spinning the motor...so I'm guessing that one won't work unless I do some other modifications? I do have another treadmill motor with the following specs:

    120 VDC
    3400 RPM
    20.5 Amps

    It does produce voltage when spinning. Will this work? If so, what size/type windynation blades would you recommend? I live in a moderate wind area (we get most our wind in the spring off the ocean...similar to Ventura). Thanks!
  9. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Yes, it will work good as a wind generator. You should start charging a 12 volt battery in about 8-9 mph wind. I would recommend three TurboTorque blades. You will also need an arbor if the shaft of the motor is not threaded. Most treadmill motors have threaded shafts but if it is not threaded, you will most likely need the 5/8 inch arbor (check the diameter of your shaft to be certain). -wg
  10. hd1080

    hd1080 WindyNation Engineer

    hello new to this forum and have been excited about starting my turbine. im in class 2winds if that matters in yourresponsd to the motors . i have i am surrounded by acres off farm im up on a hill so i have no obstruction it gets very windy. i guess before i start buying blades and equipment i need a motor. its rather a challenge which one wuld be better out of the following two
    pmdc 150vdc 14 amp 2000 rpm bout 200$ ready for 6 blades
    pmdc 2.25 hp 260 vdc 5.0 amps( i think is bad just dont know why) and 5100 rpm

    open to any suggestions for motors anywhere ebay is wore out with these
    thanks to any response
  11. PierDrop

    PierDrop WindyNation Engineer

    Both will work just fine. The first one, 175 volt --- 2000 rpm, is a little better because it has a higher amp rating which will give you more power. Also, it will hit 12 volts before the 260 volt, 5100 rpm motor will.

    By the specs. you stated, i think the 260 volt motor is a treadmill motor. Good luck!
  12. hd1080

    hd1080 WindyNation Engineer

    thanks i might try surplus warehouse i think isaw a link that might have some pmdc motors thanks again

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