will 1000 watt sun g keep wintura 750 under 60 volts

Discussion in 'Connecting to the Grid' started by JonGreen, May 25, 2012.

  1. will 1000 watt sun g GTI keep wintura 750 under 60 volts so i dont fry my watt meter?
  2. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Hi Jon,
    Congrats if you got the WindTura 750!

    Do some searches in the Connecting to the Grid forum to get a better understanding of the Sun G (Wind Rated) inverters.

    Be sure the Sun G is "Wind Rated" and has the "Dump Load" connection ... (WDL model) along with the proper dump load.
    With this setup your dump load should kick in if your GTI input is ever overvolt.
    What Watt Meter are you using and how do you plan on having it hooked up?

    Windyguru can tell you more about the WindTura 750 and Leamywind1 can fill you in on the Sun G inverters if you need further information.
  3. Was going to hook it up before the gti and watt meter is the windy nation one
  4. Oh yah love this site u dudes are doing some great work thanks
  5. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Just a thought Jon but have you considered adding a Kill-A-Watt type meter to your grid-tie system.
    The are only $10-$20 and will let you know exactly what's going into the grid.
    Nice to monitor both DC and AC to really know what's happening.
    Minnesota has done a video on them here. He is using solar on the video but the concept is the same.
  6. got 1 of those just wanted to see the DC side of it before the GTI to compare. Could battery clamp it but don't want to if i don't half to. Dont really understand how the GTI loads the windmill
  7. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Not speaking from personal experience but it's my understanding that it's not necessary or recommended to use a battery with grid-tie inverters unless it's used as a dump load or part of a backup system. I remember reading posts from murray2paddles and Leamywind1 that they had good luck with their GTI's keeping the turbine working to it's fullest. Guess that's what the MPPT does, get the most from the turbine and keeps it turning at it's optimum where possible.
  8. i had a Missouri wind and solar windmill hooked up 2 this GTI and it would go over 60 volts all the time and dump. I battery clamped it at 24 volts then went to the GTI off the battery's and this stopped it from over volting. Guess I'll just hook the windtura 750 up to the GTI and take some readings with the multimeter and see how it reacts before I hook up the windy nation watt meter to see if it stays under the 60 volts.Thanks for the help.
  9. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    Also on my setup I put together my external dump for mine because with the max allowed for resistors on the SunG wind GTI it would not even control the voltage and over volt during large increases of wind. The way the wind is here it would not pay for me to buy a 22-60v 100 watt GTI. The wind is not alot around here and gusts are big when it does .
    Keep making adjustments till you find what works best for your area.
  10. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Hi Jon,

    Better safe than sorry, sounds like a good plan.

    Hi Tom,

    How do you like the 5 blade on your WN 500?
    I have 3 blades on my WN 500 and am going to try 5 blades instead.
    Don't seem to get the high speed gusts that you experience there but plenty of lower wind speeds and lots of gusts under 25 mph.
    Not sure how using the 5 blade will effect furling but it should be fine since it furls very rarely here as is.
  11. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    They turn the turbine better at lower winds. So far they are working out better for my location.

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