Why No Customer Vidoes on 750 or 500 setup?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by scottc, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. I just bought a 750, but realize that I might have made a mistake. I received it, and it looks like it was well thought out, but does it work? Will it actually turn in 5 MPH and charge my batteries. Everyone on this forum doesn't even own a 750. Where are the videos of people with their 750, or 500 setups. I want to see videos from actual customers who have installed these systems, and is working for them. I want to see the watts being produced, and I want to know my batteries are being charged. So far, I only see people posting their home made turbines. This is a windynation forum, not a public forum for everyone to post their non-windy nation posts. There should be a forum area specifically for windynation customers, and a place for non-windynation posters.

    I noticed that the so called REAL world results, are not real world. Simply because the tests are using a CAR or TRUCK to generate the wind. Where are actual videos with Wind outside of a house, with the 500 or 750 setup stationary, and a video showing how it spins with 8-25 mile gusts, and showing the AMP readings.

    This windynation 750 looks nice, but I'm not really looking for beauty... I'm looking for DOES IT WORK to charge my batteries.
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    This started out as a DIY Forum because they did not sell a complete turbine setup till recently. It would be a good idea to start a section in the forum for a complete setup info from customers.
    Bluejay has a 750 setup and is testing right now. Murray2paddles did testing of the system for Windy Nation.
    Problem is most of us do not have the money to buy a logger and hook it to our computer. Trying to keep costs down on the system.
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    Hello Scott,
    Welcome to the forum. I was just looking at your post and it seems very interesting. You have made a good point to see a product working before you buy. My question is should'nt you have looked around for the video's before you purchased to assure it is a proven turbine? Now that you have already made the mistake of purchasing the 750 maybe you can post a vid for us. Thanks for your post and good luck with your WN750. Looking forward to your results and any information you can share.
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    Well dude this forum does not allow vids to be uploaded that I know of. I agree with you on having the info on how the WN 500 & 750 performs I have sent numerous vids to WN demonstrating the furling system ( that it was working properly) I have also made numerous posts on the preformancce of both turbines in volt/ watt / amp production. Scott I have two 500 WN & one 750 WN. All three feed grid tie. I do have some battery hook ups also but will not get into them.
    I do not think there is a lack of info on WN products, I just think there is so much chatter about DIY projects that the WN info gets lost in all that babble.
    I really agree with your comments , so much so that I suggested a forum change a while back specifically to deal with routing condensed helpful info to targeted links that could guide persons on factual, tested, out of the box WN products. .
  6. I do think this 750 looks well built and has potential so I will keep it, even though I will be running a 48V system. I do thank everyone for responding.
    I purchased the 750 after watching the video in africa. I'm all for supporting companies that are genuinely altruistic and have business ethics (not in business simply to get rich). I will send a video link of my 750 once is it up and running on youtube. In the meantime, please setup a separate link in the main forums page/link for WindyNation Customers Support Q&A (Installation manuals, FAQs, Tips on Installing the generator on schedule 80 pipe, where to purchase #80 pipe, recommended cement mix, depth of cement mixes, rebar information, grounding information, metal wires used to hold up the 750 lengths/sizes, clamps types used to connect to rebar, wire types\sizes used to connect the 750, additional information as needed to fully successfully setup the unit)
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    The Africa video is mine. I had no experience in Wind Turbine install or use. I did a lot of research and landed here at Windy Nation. Your questions on tower build are good ones. I will add the link where I got most of my info. I've posted all of the details of my build here (cement, rebar, wire size, cable size, pipe info)
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    To Windy,
    Most everything Scott has requested info on is already been posted with info and in most cases with photos, I still think that this info gets lost or "where do I find it" within all the posts !
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    Scott, question, you 1st asked if this turbine would work with a 48 v bank ! Probably one reason everyone did not jump to answer could be that most persons who own the WN turbines feed 12 v , 24 V banks or grid tie.
    Could you please share with us why you are choosing to feed into a 48 v bank ?
    If it is because that is the amount of batteries you have you could also consider wiring them up in parallel and series and creating a 24 v bank, you would then be able to harvest more usable volts/ watts from your turbine that is advertised to function with a 12 v or 24 v bank.
    You also questioned info regarding tower building, there is step by step info posted, there are multi articles on wiring as well. If you require info on any topic, just ask and I know someone will be willing to help or share their experiences with a WN turbine.
    Good luck with your project.
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    scottc asked:
    Advertised Rated Cut-In Speed of the WN 750 is 6MPH - 8MPH.
    Therefore, I do not expect much Battery Charging to occur at 5MPH (with 12 volt battery).
    With 48 Volts of batteries connected I would expect no charging at 5 MPH.
    You will get 800 Watts with steady 29MPH winds.
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    NEOH, 800 watts @ a steady 29 mph wind ! Is that what you are getting from your turbine ?
    If you are, please tell me more !

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