Where to get gearing parts for my wind turbine.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fabieville, Mar 18, 2012.

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    I am trying to locate a hub with a 17mm spindle so i can attach my blades to one end of the spindle and attach a sprocket to the other end so that i can gear up my motor. Any idea as to which website(s) offer these parts for sale?
  2. i made a bracket one time out of a 2 inch pipe. what i did was i drilled a hole in the pipe for the blades. i pressed sealed bearings on a 1/2 inch rod and bolted the bearing races to the pipe to hold the rod solid in place. then i mounted a 12 inch pulley on the blade rod. i put a 1.55 inch pulley on the pma. i made a idler arm using a pulleyfrom the parts house for a 1990 full sized blazer. withe the wind nation blades mounted to it i made great power, but it had alot of drag on it. it spun normally with out the belt on the pulleys, but when the belt was put on it had alot of drag on it. what i did get was for every turn of the blades the pma turned almost 12 times, so if it was turning the blades at 10 r.p.m. i was getting almost 120 rpm on the pma. it would make power really fast if it wasn't for the drag. i'd love to try it with a bicycle chain and see what would happen.

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