what i want to do, and which system is the way to go

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  1. ok never done a power set up before have no experience at all .

    here is what i want to do, i live in Oklahoma, of course we have tornado's, i put in a new cellar last year have been in there 3 time at the start of the year cut off from the world, so i want to power it with some sort of 12 v wind, solar ect using marine battery. i going to find led for lights inside have a 12v small lcd tv going in also. was thinking wind was the way to go because it will charge at night if we are in there.

    questions i had how do these auto brake in high winds, we have had wind guest to 75 mph at times. i have seen some of the wind generator around but they are in very poor shape most have no blades left after last year. my idea was to get a 8ft garden windmill tower and mount on top of cellar which would give it 5 more feet from the ground. then but a wind turban generator on top. main thing to keep battery charged and ready to use when needed

  2. ok dead form i guess hunt somewhere else
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    Google Chrome would not let me post to the forum.
    Depending on which furling method you choose.
    Windy Nation and Hydrogen Appliances both have two different types of furling to help with high winds.
    Nothing will save it at winds that high and above with out furling of some sort.
    Need to determine the Amp/Hr load for the time you need.
    The least would be 2 batteries , a controller, a rectifier,dump load,wind turbine.
    The rest sounds good.
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    Easiest way out. I'm a big wind guy but for something like this, solar could work and be much cheaper.

    This will only be used in an emergency so if you put a good drain on the battery, it will have lots of days to recover. One Windy Nation 100 watt solar panel, a controller to keep the marine battery safely charged, and a few 12 volt LED lights would work well. One 80 dollar Walmart Marine battery will last all night and you'll have enough light the next day even if it's cloudy to keep the battery going.

    You could even sweeten it a bit. You could add a 12 volt inverter to the system and run household appliances. A radio, TV, Computer, etc.
  5. thanks for the replies
    i have already got a 12 v lcd tv for there, the most time spent in there is a few hours at most, we had a storm front come in tonight and measured 74 mph winds by my weather station , with the thunder storm, that's why i was wondering how to save the wind turbine. ( auto brake of sorts) thanks i will look at the solar panels are they hail resistance is my next question, we get up to softball size hail. yah i live in tornado ally and we do get super cells often with large hail. sorry for the question but information will help me a great deal on choosing what will work in my area for the long term. still interested in the wind turbines a great deal, they have built a large wind turbine farm about 10 miles from me . if i can get this to work in my area i should be able to get others to install the same system since last year alone my friends put in 5 cellars with in a two mile area.
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