What are the Amps expected from the WN PMA?

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by rajar2, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. rajar2

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    I need input from other owners of the 500 watt WindyNation PMA so I can understand if my output is correct or if I may have a fault inside the PMA. I get the same AC voltage output from each of the 3 AC wires from the PMA. I get winds of 8mph, 10mph and up to 15mph in Michigan. Rarely does it get significantly higher for periods that would make much difference. I have a large 12 volt battery bank, consisting of 6 floor scrubber type deep-cycle batteries rated at about 200AH each. At approximately 100rpm rotor speed, I get 0.3 Amps and at 200 rpm I get 0.9 Amps, when i place an Ammeter in series between the positive DC rectifier output terminal and the positive battery connector. Should I convert the battery bank to 24 Volts? What loss of power would result by not capturing that lower RPM band between 12 volts and 24 volts output that would be charging my batteries before the PMA rpm / voltage reached 24 volts? Best regards, Alex Reid rajar2@comcast.net
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    What is the height of your tower? How high are you above trees and building within 100 feet of your tower? These two things can GREATLY impact the power production of your PMA. My guess is that you have your generator mounted in very turbulent wind which results in very poor power production.

    Try to get your mill 25 feet above everything within a 100 foot radius and you will see a major improvement in power.
  3. rajar2

    rajar2 WindyNation Engineer

    Thanks for your input windyguru. I tried to request input about AMPS produced into a 12 volt battery bank at SPECIFIC, REALISTIC RPM of the WindyNation PMA generator. I just need to know what DC amps I should expect at whatever specific, realistic PMA rpm values that anybody has measured - (not 500 rpm please, which would not occur very often for my wind conditions). Even so my question did not involve tower height and trees, etc, I can advise that my tower height is 35 feet and the closest building is a single storey 12ft high and no trees around at all. I am using the windy Nation 3 blades and rotor and rectifier that was shipped with the unit. Again, is 0.3 of an Amp about right for 100 rpm, and is 0.9 of an Amp about right for 200 rpm? What should I expect at 300 rpm? Thanks, Alex
  4. windyguru

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    It sounds way off. You should expect around 2-4 amps at around 100 rpm and 6-8 amps at 200 rpm. Although you are not interested, you should see around 20-25 amps at ~550 rpm.

    What type of batteries are you using and what is the state of charge of the batteries when you are measuring these small amp values?

    Your question concerns the amp output of your generator. To address this question properly, every aspect of your set-up should be fair game to be questioned and analyzed. Therefore tower height and location, and anything else with respect to your entire alternative energy needs to be questioned. Without questions (from us) and answers (from you), how can we intelligently discuss the issue at hand?
  5. rajar2

    rajar2 WindyNation Engineer

    I have a bank of FS-12D or US185 190AH deep-cycle batteries. The charge was high at 12.90 volts but went down to 11.50 volts, because I used them for 8 hours to power my store sign, and now the generator has not charged them back up - it's been 3 weeks now and the volts are only up to 11.90. I am using a Coleman charge controller - 80 Amp Wind/Solar Diversion-Charge Load Controller. Let me know if you need more information and I will supply. I am doing some more experiments with another PMA and will advise the differences. How would I check out the Windynation PMA for correct operation? It will be on the bench very soon for inspection / testing. Thanks for your helpful responses to date.

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