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  1. Hello, I am new to this site. I recently installed a Windynation watt meter on my 600watt 24v wind turbine. it was working great . then I made the mistake of unhooking my batteries while the turbine was spinning. I wanted to test my dump load, I believe that the meter saw more then 60V and now the screen is blank. the power is still flowing thru the meter but I see no readings.
    my question is there any fixing to the meter or do I need to buy another one ?
    also when I first hooked the meter up in line between the turbine control box and the batteries, I had no out put from the turbine so i had a small amount of power running thru the meter the wrong way to power the controller. at that time the meter just showed a line of bars across the screen and I thought that when the turbine made some power it would start working. then I did some other work that involved unhooking the batteries and when i hooked them back up the meter started working correctly with no turbine output. I am at a loss as to why the meter reacted in this way.
    Thanks Ed
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    If the meter received more than 60 volts while in operation, then it is dead. It could also be possible that you shorted the meter while switching the wires around which would also kill the meter if it was not properly fused?
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    Aww I was not aware there was a 60v max.Guess I will find another use for it then.Is there a amp max?
  4. windyguru

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