Using the Dump to heat water?

Discussion in 'Dump Loads' started by Megawatt, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Can you wire a Wind Turbine directly to a diversion load like a DC water heating element or do u have to use a charge controller/battery setup?
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    It can be done but I believe it is not as simple as one might think. The DC water heating elements are essentially resistors. These resistors put a load on the wind turbine.

    If you use, for example, a 700 Watt resistor/heating element, for a 700 Watt wind turbine, there is going to be a problem. The problem is that when the wind turbine tries to spin in about 7-15 mph wind, the 700 Watt load from the heating element is too much. It will prevent the wind turbine from spinning because the wind turbine cannot even come close to producing 700 Watts at that wind speed. The load of the resistors is simply too much for the wind turbine to push through.

    To solve this problem, the load of the heating element must match the power produced with respect to wind speed of the wind turbine. I believe people have used "progressive loading' to solve this problem. A circuit is used to conitnually turn "on" more an more heating elements as the wind speed and power production of the wind turbine increases. And when the wind speed goes down, the circuit turns "off" some of the heating elements. In this way, the load of the heating elements always matches the power production of the wind turbine.

    Disclaimer: This information is based off an article I read several years ago and I might not be remembering everything accurately. Maybe someone with more experience or actual experience with this issue can comment.

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