Using Sch40 with slip ring, can I modify to fit?

Discussion in 'Frame Construction' started by TKa, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. TKa


    I've been looking for a ~4ft piece of Sch80 pipe for a week now. All I've found is special ordering a 21ft piece for couple hundred bucks. So anyone see a proplem with wrapping a few layers of 2" black tape around the slip ring and pressing it into a piece of sch40? The bottom 20ft of my tower is also galv sch40.

    DSCF0547 (Small).JPG
  2. windyguru

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    I think that would work.

    We could also machine you an adapter but that would take a while. If you are not in hurry, let me know and I will look into getting this built for you.
  3. TKa


    I'm heading up to the cabin site next Thursday to install the turbine. Probbaly not enough time for the adapter. I'm painting it all dull brown at the moment. So far I'm pleased with the packaging and quality of parts and welds. One thing that could be useful is to put a zerk fitting on the top of the sleeve somewhere so the tip of the pole and teflon bushing could get some grease without unwireing and removing the turbine.
  4. TKa


    Here's a couple pics of what I did. Ground down that seem on the sleeve so it doesn't grind out my tower pipe after years of movement. Added zerk near the top for grease.

    DSCF0626 (Small).JPG

    DSCF0628 (Small).JPG
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  5. Minnesota

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    Nice tower. FYI, the ideal location for the anemometer is 1 rotor length below the hub center (80-inches) and at least 19 inches away from the 1.5-inch pipe. The rotor-wash and the pole interfere with getting an accurate reading if you don't do this.
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  6. TKa


    Good advice. I will slide that anemometer down a bit. It sticks out about 16" or so but not sure. Will check when its down.
  7. windyguru

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