Using an Mppt charge controller on a windblue 540 pma

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by fabieville, Apr 29, 2011.

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    I was wondering if using an mppt charge controller on a windblue 540 low wind pma would increase the power output that is going to the battery.
    Here is my theory:
    We all know that Mppt charge controllers converts the excess voltage (VOC) coming from your solar/wind power to amps.
    I have a windblue 540 low wind pma and the current output is so small.The most I see out of it is about 4amp. I realize thou that the Voltage at Open circuit (VOC) goes up to all 40volts most times.
    So I am guessing that if the current at that time is about 4amp then the total wattage would be 40 x 4= 160. Running that through a mppt controller you would get about 13.8V at approx. 11 amps after the mppt does its conversion in micro seconds instead of getting 4 amp at 13.8V using a regular dump load controller.
    Please tell me what you think. Could this actually work?
  2. NEOH

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    Actually, MPPT finds the best real-time combination of Volts (Vmppt) and Amps (Imppt) that produces Maximum Watts (Pmppt). Vmppt is always LOWER than Voc.

    Can you accurately measure the Wind Speed when you are measuring 4 Amps into your 12V battery?

    It will take at least 20 mph of smooth / non-turbulent winds to generate 160 watts using a 5' Bade driving a High Efficiency PMA. But, unfortunately those modified Delco PMA's are not known as High Efficiency.

    Also, is your tower 30' HIGHER than any nearby tree or house?
    Otherwise, you only have Low Power Turbulent Wind.

    Some people have reported, up to, a 44% increase in power using an MPPT Wind Controller.
    I seriously doubt that you will get a your estimated 375% improvement using MPPT.

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