Using a typical generator and wind to drive it?

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  1. This might sound stupid, but why can't you get a gas powered generator and drive it with wind instead of the engine? Would it not get to enough rpm to generate any usable electric? You can pick these up cheap at swap meets, when the engine doesn,t run. Looks like it would already have a lot of the electrical components in the panel. Could you rig some kind of automatic disconnect in case the grid went down and diodes so juice could not backfeed from the grid?
  2. TomT

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    That might be tough one.
    The gas engines are rated at 3600 rpm on average. And they have a governor to control the speed. And if you load them down too much before they come up to speed it will blow the diodes. I had this happen once because I had a pump and refrigerator hooked up when it was started.
    Also it might need a field exciter to get it going if it is not a permanent magnet generator.

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