Using a stepdown transformer on a turbine

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by fabieville, May 1, 2011.

  1. fabieville

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    I have a windblue 540 low wind turbine. It does not produce a lot of amps. The most I see out of it is about 1-4 amps but when it is spinning the voltage at open circuit goes up to all 30V easily. It is a 3 phase wind turbine.
    This is my theory:
    Run the 3 phase through a stepdown transformer. And when it produce voltage like 30VAC for eg. the transformer step it down to about 14VAC while increasing the current at the output so you have a lower voltage but a higher current going to the battery. With this method i would have a higher current going to my battery at all times.
    Would my theory work?
  2. NEOH

    NEOH WindyNation Engineer

    You state "... at Open Circuit your Wind Turbine generates 30 Volts (and Zero Amps) ..." If you step down 30 V OC to 14 V OC, you still have Zero amps. I am not sure what you gain there? You need 2,000 RPM to push 15 Amps into a 12V Battery. That seems too fast for a Wind Turbine. Do you have the right sized rotor and enough WIND to accomplish that?

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