Using a step up transformer with a generator.

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by fabieville, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. fabieville

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    I have a windblue DC-500 Motor Driven Permanent Magnet Alternator and i was wondering if i could use it as a wind generator. It produces 24VDC at approx. 2500RPM and the current at that reading is about 125amps. I know the volts-rpm ratio is not suited for a wind turbine application because when you work out the calculation it produces 1VDC at approx. 104RPM, but i was just looking at the amount of amps it generated and i was thinking to myself saying what if you connected it to a step up transformer and step up the voltage very high so that when it reach approx. 180-200 RPM you get at least 18VDC going to a 12VDC battery would it really work? Is this possible? I know you would have a decrease in amps but would it be a fairly good amount of amps generated at 200RPM going into the battery after stepping up the voltage? giving that the current rating for this motor is very high.

    I know i would have to use the AC output on the generator to step up the voltage then run it through the rectifier to get back dc voltage going to the battery.

    Please give me your feedback on my theory.
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    Fabieville, I like your idea.When I first set up my windmill I was using a windy nation 500 watt unit generating ac voltage.I was going about 250 feet with #10 wires.I got very little power from it.I gave some thought to a step up transformer and then back to a step down transformer just before the retifier.I chose to move the battery bank close to the windmill because I could and it made a huge improvement. The # 10 wire works well from the inverater.I know the power generating plants do this to send power over very long distances. I think the fact that we are locked in to a 12 or 24 volts ac because of the battery voltage really hurts how far the power travels.I know a lot of guys are having to go to larger wires to get a good power supply.I hope you look in to this as you may have a good idea to solve the large wire problem mark99

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