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    Hi Bill,

    One of the things I did not like about the solar tracker we bought was the two trim pots on the circuit board did not have stops on it. It did make it harder to set it to respond to the sun and not to hunt. The LED,s can be spread apart a little to make the middle area wider apart. Make sure the glass cover is clean and does not defuse the sun light. The last thing to keep in mind is the speed of your actuator. Slower is always better. Mine was a 24 volt dc unit. I run it on 6 volts dc so it runs much slower. I have been using it for a year now and it is working well. Keep in mind if you spend the time to tweak it in you can run more panels with just linkage between the panels .I am running 3 with one actuator.

    Larry, you last install was great! Thanks for all the help.


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  2. Mark- thanks for the feedback, been doing my test on the tracker and almost have it dialed in. Well have a video and maybe some pictures soon. again thanks
  3. Also thats a nice setup you have.
  4. Hey Guys just got my solar panels up!!!! 6 sharp 230 watt panels on a Homemade tracker. Today will be the first day of full sun, can't wait to see the stats.

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    Looks great Billy. How about some more pictures of your design.
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    Thank Mark that means alot to me. I hope you are well.
  7. Hey guys how soon before this electronic tracker control are ready?
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    Very soon. We already received the first two articles from the assembly house for testing and verification before the mass production. We gave the green light for the production run on 7/3 and should have our first retail units arriving in less than 2 weeks.

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