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  1. Hey folks not sure if any of you have ever using the program . I have found it to be a very good program for data comparison or just to watch your systems make power. It will import enphase and TED data also many other online systems. You can also just import saved data from almost any program. Here is a link to my system comparing enphase and TED data.

    you may need to click on daily and then live data to get to todays date. Join for free and build groups I think this would be great for the Windy Nations bunch.

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    That's a great tracker performance curve! Interesting the upslope is shallower than the downslope, reflecting early morning moisture in the air most likely. Thanks for the link!
  3. I think your right about the moisture in the morning, It does look a little hazy early, and the dip in the middle of the curve is a shadow from a tree hitting the corner of the tracker. Still I think I'm getting very good performance from these 6 230watt sharp cells, our temp is running up into the mid 90's.

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