Tidal energy from wind components?

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  1. Here goes my first posting.
    Please help me understand the technical feasibility or infeasibility of this idea.
    Consider a barge with capacity 7000 tons DWT. Assume the tide changes <= 1cm/minute.
    Suppose each piling to which it's moored has a rack for a pinion to mesh with.
    Each pinion is connected to a gear train on board the barge and has an overall ratio of 1:1250 (huge).
    The end of the gear train drives a low speed (~50 RPM) alternator.
    To achieve target watts out of this, the end of the gear train must also provide enough torque.
    I have expressed 3 demonstration scenarios in the pictured spreadsheet and would be most grateful for your thoughts. What obstacles would need to be overcome for a feasible prototype? Clear as mud?
    Please and thank you, Tim Biglow

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