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Discussion in 'Post Your Photos' started by irv, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. irv

    irv WindyNation Engineer

    up and runing , charging 4 , 6 volt GC batterys . using a 1500 watt inverter

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  2. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    It looks really great! Nice job!

    Do you have guy-wires? You might want to think about adding them if you have not already. I would think in a strong wind that your tower/pole might have some vibration and even bending problems. From the picture, it looks like a long run of pipe between the house and the top of the tower. But, the picture might be misleading as it depends on the angle you took the picture from.

    Thanks for posting your picture.- wg
  3. irv

    irv WindyNation Engineer

    the pole is two pieces of 2 inch ch 80 pipe and it is 10 feet from the joint up , and 10 feet from the joint down . it is 20 feet from the ground to the joint . the joint is so i can lay the mill down onto the roof of the shop . the pipe from the ground is attached to the side of the shop about 3 feet down from the joint . so the mill is about 30 feet high but is supported up to the 20 foot mark . no guy wires . we live in the center of oregon and a very high wind (40-50 mph ) would be a bad storm . most of the time the wind is 10 to 15 + mph. so we are in a low wind area . time will tell . the thing works , we are chargeing 4 6 volt batterys set up as a 12 volt system . thinking about going to 24 volts . also thinking about 5 blades .we are working on a 30 foot free standing tower . the goal is some day to run the entire shop with three small mills . its a work and learn deal , thanks //
  4. BeachBum

    BeachBum WindyNation Engineer

    I really like your tower design. I was thinking of something similar myself, but was not sure how I could easily lower mine. I wanted to mount mine against the side of my house, and lower it onto my 3rd floor balcony for service, or to avoid a strorm. Honestly, I'm still working on the frame too. Do you have any more pictures, especially of the hinge joint where the 2 parallel pipe join? Thanks and congratulations on a very cool rig!

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