The Windtura 750 is now available - Questions?

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by Minnesota, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Hello Carl,
    I have a little. Waiting for other's to fund more on this experiment. I am tapped out right

    The only way to do this is with a battery clamping. Enphase units are not designed to react to a quick power change from wind turbines thus never really getting all of your watts. Enphase also offers no kind of warranty if they are used for a wind turbine. Their input volatge is limited to 22-51 for an M-190 unit. The best you could clamp is at 48v and that might be to high depending on the turbine of choice. They are UL approved and easy to work with but just not approved for wind. I have not lined up a bunch to see how they would load a turbine down but the fact remains they are for solar and not wind. Unfortunatly I will leave this one to someone else's exspense.

    The Article.
    As far as your copy and paste article, Enphase units are used on specific panels and they are listed on their web site. Mostly 72 cell panels. I would look up those panels being used in the article posted above to see if they are indeed listed to be used with a Enpahse micro inverter. Secondly you will never get the full rating out of the panel. So minus 20% right off the top, (144w) then minus wirring and inverter efficiancies. 130w is pretty much what you would get. That 130w is if the system was done by someone who knows how to do it all the way through. I do have personal experiences with Enphase inverters (M-190's) as i have installed 4 systems with them and i have had no problems as of yet. I have also installed SMA, and PV power UL inverters too.
    Hope this helps:cool:
  3. Greetings, I forwarded the details to hazeyfla (youtube) maybe he will contact with some more information. Thanks, Carl
  4. Minnesota

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    Besides the tracking issue, solar panels are under 250w, and so microinverters are sized for that rather than the 500-1000w we might desire for wind. Aurora needs to come out with a 1.5kw wind GTI for $600 and we'd be golden. Huge market. (?)
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    The 750 model produces 800 watts at 29 mph, 1100wats at 35 mph, up to 1400 watts
    Q-what UL approved controller do i need to hook-up grid-tied with no batteries to my home?
    Q- will i need any other components ie safty fuses, shut off swithes to complete my system?
    Q- is this system enough to supply power for 17kwh to 20kwh average per day?
  6. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    A1: SMA Windyboy or Aurora/Power one GTI
    A2: Break/OFF switch, 100A/phase fuse, Panel breaker, utility disconnect switch, commercial killawatt meter
    A3: 20kwh/d means running a constant 833w to the grid day and night, which means a constant 30mph+ wind. That will rarely happen; so the answer is no.
  7. WindyFAQ

    WindyFAQ WindyNation FAQ Staff Member

    'm looking into your complete 750 turbine kit and have some questions. I want to suppliment my 24V battery off-grid solar cabin power on cloudy days if there's wind.
    1. Other than your kit what do I need, A rectifier and charge contoller?
    2. I have a Davis weather station and the highest gust I've seen in the past 5 years is 50mph. Very rare do I get gust >30mph. Can I do with out furling? I live in the mountains with lots of topography so wind directions changes a lot and typically come in gusts.
    3. On days with wind I typically see 10-15mph gusty winds. Will the turbine work for me? In storms its 20+ gusts. Most days are <10mph so I accept the fact that generation would be minimal to none on those days.
    4. Are there Zerk fittings to grease the slip ring and other parts?
    5. For the mast can I use 1.5" sch40 pipe? sch80 is more expensive and harder to find.
    6. Can I paint the blades and all othe parts a flat brown to reduce visibility without effecting blade noise or heat disapation?
  8. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Yes, you can paint them whatever color you want. If you paint the blades, only apply one light coat. You do not want to put too much paint on the blades and create weight balancing issues.
  9. TKa


    Will the turbine assembly fit into sch40 pipe or does the last 4ft section of my tower need to be sch80 for a snug I.D. fit?
  10. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    The slip ring + yaw bushing will not fit securely. The yaw bushing, which is also attached to the slip ring, is designed to be press fit into 1.5 inch Schedule 80 pipe. The ID of 1.5 inch Schedule 40 pipe is larger than the ID of 1.5 inch Schedule 80 pipe. Thus, you cannot press fit the yaw bushing into schedule 40.

    You need to use schedule 80 for it to work properly.
  11. WindyFAQ

    WindyFAQ WindyNation FAQ Staff Member

    I have a vertical wind mill, the fan is 9.5' across, the blades are 2' tall, and 4'wide. Each blade dumps the wind to the blade 180 across and so on. At 20 mph it has reached 2500 to 3000 rpm through gearing so I can gear down to achieve more power.

    I’m starting out with 2 to 4 batteries (approx 200A each), 2 - 4 solar panels, and one wind generator but would like to be able to add 1 – 10 more solar panels, at least one more wind generator, and more batteries. I don’t know the calc for watt to kwh but I use between 800kwh and 1500kwh per month. I would like to grid tie but still need to have power when the grid is down.

    My questions:
    1) How much power does it take to turn the Windtura 750 at a given rpm; say 500 rpm?
    2) Is it possible to be tied into the grid without a grid tie inverter?
    3) How much will the wind mill will slow down in rpm, when the unit starts to produce voltage? In other word freewheeling verses load.
    4) Is there any formula to figure out how much drag there will be at a certain amps or voltage output?
    5) If I run a battery bank, cant I still be hooked to the grid?
    6) What size charge controller and other related components do I need and can it be used with solar panels?
  12. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    The Windtura 750 generator can be used in conjuction with solar panels to charge a battery bank. To do this, you will need a Xantrex C60, a 80 3-phase bridge rectifier, and dump loads (the number of 300 Watt dump loads would depend on your exact system).
  13. how does the windtura750 stack up to the SWEA 1000. thay say the swea puts out 1000 watts in an 18 mph wind and 1500 watts in a 22 mph wind price $950
  14. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    "Orlan7s1" on Youtube owns a similar 2.86m turbine charging a 24V battery bank and we have measured it hitting 1000 watts at 19.5mph. Below is the actual SWEA 1000 Power curve and they show 1000w at 20 mph. It might do a bit better if they are using a grid tie inverter for their spec, so perhaps 18mph is believable.

    The Windtura is a 2m turbine so you shouldn't expect it to be comparable in output.
  15. with one this size would u want to stack 3 - 500 watt GTI or use one 1500 ?
  16. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    SWEA GTIs can be stacked as they are mananged by a separate "manager box" but they are only 250s. Sun GTIs can be stacked but they just fight with each other making it pretty inefficient. If you want to run the full output power range you'll need something like a 2000w GTI. I don't have a recommendation for you on that.
  17. thank ya. lets c if i got this right. lets say the turbine is putting 1000 watts, now we have 4-300watt inverters stacked. now does this mean that the first gti peaks at 250 then dumps to the 2nd gti then it peaks at 250 then dumps to the 3rd gti and so on? but if ur only getting say 300 watts then they fight over the power input?dont mean to sound dumb just trying to understand so I will get the most power for my money.
  18. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    Grid Tie Inverters are microprocessor controlled. The have the ability to dynamically adjust the DC operating voltage to determine at what point the most DC current (I) can flow. V x I= Power. Wind rated GTIs do this very fast as the turbine's voltage also changes quickly. This works well with one turbine and one GTI. By adding a 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th GTI in parallel then you have essentially multiple "cooks in the kitchen." The results are a bit unpredictable other than the sharing will not be even. Last year I tested 120w of solar on a 300w GTI. When I stacked a 2nd 300w GTI in parallel with the first, the 2nd one took over the entire 120w load from the first. He was the more dominant cook! "Get out of my kitchen!"

    That said, if there truly was 1000w of power to be inverted, then one 300w GTI will likely saturate first, then another, then another. I wouldn't count on any more than about 240w from a 300w inverter as the 300w is a "burst" number.

    I don't know of anyone who has stacked more than 2 Sun GTIs of the same power and voltage ratings for wind.
  19. thank ya. now if i have a 24 volt battery bank being charged by a turbine can i hook the battery bank useing a inline fuse on the + to cut the amps down to a GTI that takes 10.8 to 30 volts?
  20. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    Think of a GTI as a device that is attached to a constant load. If you attach the GTI to a battery it will drain the battery down to the 10.8V level as fast as it can. It's a good way to destroy a battery.

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