The Use of the New Micro 1000w wind inverter grid tie

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  1. Has anyone used, or had any luck with the new 1000w wind grid tie inverter AC110v DC15-30v for wind turbine that you see on Ebay? I see there are no dump loads on them, and wondering if they can handle the inconsistent wind speeds. They say to connect a charge controller before attaching to the Inverter. I have Used the SunG Wind inverters before, but both burned up within one year. Looking for something new to try.
  2. TomT

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    Usually if there is no dump load. Then they are internal or in the case of Sung . They are solar units and not recommended for wind.
    They do work but go to max voltage all the time. A big waste of power.
    It does get better over time as the Grid Tie will move to a more aggressive curve.
    Either way you have to battery tie them with a reversed diode or install a switch to limit voltage or risk burning it up.
  3. Thanks Tom, That's what I was thinking. I currently am running my turbine with a 24v battery bank and Outback inverter. The pros: Backup power in the event of power failure, the Cons: Expensive, batteries are taking up too much of the wind turbines output. Ex. I am seeing a steady 4 amps of current going into the battery bank; but the Outback inverter is not selling a single watt. Reason, batteries are absorbing too much energy, and the Outback is trying to float the batteries at 25.5 volts. From my experience, the higher the voltage float of the battery bank, anything above 24v's, since it is a 24v configuration, the more energy that is lost (not sold back) due to the batteries burning it up trying to stay above there actual 24 volts. To me, a battery backup system like Outback was a waist of money, I'd rather be selling it back to the power company instead of trying to hold the batteries at 25.5 volts. Anyone have any other solutions?
  4. One more note to add: I did run a SunG wind 250 in parallel to my battery bank with a diode to keep the Sung from drawing juice from the battery bank. The problem; when a strong gust would hit or in the event of a power failure, the SunG would take a big hit of current and fry.
  5. TomT

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    I have 6-2 volt cells for a battery bank. I use 2 solar panels to keep the battery bank up to 12.5 volts.
    Would have been better to have 7 batteries. That way at 14.5-15 volts the inverter would be happier.
    Anything over that and my 6 batteries drop to 12.5 volts overnight.
    So i have this
    controller dump to the grid after it gets to 12.5 volts.
    The rest of my system is 2 stage battery less.
    10.8-30/22-60 with dump switch to protect grid ties .

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