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C40 Charge controller or Load controller

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  1. Hi A short intro I live in the far North of Scotland. Where there`s plenty of wind I have problems with the terms used for electrical setups (wiring etc) American electrical terms are not the same as those used in the UK. So there is some confusion I have the Xantex C40 I am using this for 5 small wind turbines on a 12 volt system Each DC turbine on the live + side goes direct to a 10 bank Deep cell Battery bank with a diode in place on each live + feed in. All negatives - are on a single line and then to battery bank. I know there is trip switches and fuses on the live side. On the C40 it has 2 positions one for Charge controller and one for Load controller Which one do I use ???? Thanks in advance Hugh
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    Charge. Load control is when you want to use the C40 to manage a set of loads operated off of the battery bank, such as lighting.

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