The above ground base with thick walled steel legs added

Discussion in 'Post Your Photos' started by bluejay, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. leamywind1

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    Sorry Blue business is so up and down for me it is hard for me to keep a steady pace on the forum. You can fine me throgugh email as well just look up Leamy Electric on the web. I would be more then willing to help or talk.
    I have laid out so much ground work for what i use and found from my costly experiments and what works but i see no one trying only to ask the same questions or doing the oppisite, or even trying to re invent the wheel so, i feel the same way sometimes about posting. I hope you are well.
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    Most of Larry and my work / testing has already been posted but I feel the same it is like no one is listening . I still think it might be hard to find specific information on a topic due to all the posts and responses . We have had a write up on our use of grid tie inverters for approx 3/4 yr., and Josh was hoping to find a non touchable link to post it . If anyone is interested in reading it just drop myself or Larry a note with your email address and we would be happy to share it.
    My private email is,,,
  3. bluejay

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    More fallen trees from my power :p
  4. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer


    My tree climber had to top these cedars,still has to do the back ones but Im broke for a minute soooooo...
  5. TomT

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    Would be nice if everyone would cut down all trees over 50 ft and plant new dwarf trees under 50 ft. Then wind would be alot easier for us and less damage to homes from falling trees in big wind storms. I have a few in my neighborhood that should be cut down. Bark falling off of them and alot of them do not have alot of leaves on them and holes in trunks visible from the ground. Mind you these are 60-70ft trees.
    That Cedar on the left needs to be cut. Has a forked trunk on it. I would not even have that next to my house. That is why I am cutting the one in front of my house as soon as possible. It is made up of four trees that grew together.
    My father cut every tree down on our side of the street except this one. Did not like to rake up leaves.:rolleyes:

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