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    My tail fin broke off this past week. It broke off right at the notch that's cut to allow it to pivot on the rod. The pipe was schedule 40. Went to schedule 80 pipe with a 15/16 round bar and it fits just right hardly any play in it. So I am rebuilding it. Bent one of the blades a little and the hub. Will straighten it out.
    I have a question on the tail fin. I was looking at a couple video's, of the windy nation wind generators that have the windy nation mounting bracket. And one shows the tail fin plum to the world and the other shows it at the same angle as the pivot joint. So wich one is right? Will it make a difference for the tailfin to turn the blades out of the wind at a different wind speed?

    The first picture is of the broken piece and the second one is the tailfin straight up and down with the world as it was built to the first time I built it. Should it be that way or at the angle of the pivot joint?

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    We tested both ways and we found that it worked better with the tail fin straight up/down. That is, the tail fin is perpendicular to the earth's surface.
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    WindyFAQ. Thanks for the reply. That's how I have it.

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