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  1. I recently purchased the SunTura HD and I just finished setting it up this past weekend, I'm pretty impressed with how sturdy this kit is because I've got a 8 x 145w tracker and it's about 330 lbs. I'll post video when I've got it all setup (for now I've posted a photo). The project took A LOT longer than I expected. Now onto my question.

    This morning around 10am the sun was up (mid-horizon) in the sky (June in Massachusetts) with no clouds. I have a bolt mounted on the frame it to see if there is a shadow (check alignment) and it was way off, for some reason it wanted to go east and it really needed to go west to follow the suns movement. I gave it a few hours and checked it later and it was back to tracking nearly perfect. should it matter that much in the morning?

    When I tuned it I did it in the afternoon around 1pm or so, which about when I checked on it today. I also tried adjusting the LED's this morning but it didn't seem to respond in the right direction.

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  2. windyguru

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    It should have been tracking just fine at 10am if the photosensor was tuned properly and there were no clouds in the sky.

    There are two things I can think of that are worth checking:

    -- Make sure there is nothing shading the photosensor at 10am. Like a tree branch.

    -- Make sure there is no glare hitting the photosensor at that time of the day. I have seen this happen when I was doing testing. Sun light can bounce off a window, solar panel, mirror or anything else that can potentially reflect light. If the sunlight is bouncing off a nearby object around 10am, extra light can hit the photosensor from a particular direction. This will cause the photosensor to move in the wrong direction, towards the reflected light.
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    This explains why sometimes my array is pointing east or doesn't move when I think it should! :oops:
    My array being mounted close to a lake, it some times could see a bright reflection off the lake.:rolleyes:

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