SunTura HD kit Runnning In Ontario Canada

Discussion in 'Solar Products' started by Tuicemen, Dec 6, 2016.

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    Although this is a dual axis I currently only have the East/West actuator connected.
    This was connected to my own designed mount which I had setup to move manually years ago.
    This worked great except when I forgot to turn it ( happens more frequently as you age).
    I'm all for automation and this just made sense.
    The tracker has been in operation for about 2 months now and other then retightening a few bolts I haven't had to do any maintenance.
    The winter will be the real test on this, so far we've had some 52mph winds which this has stood up to just fine.
    We haven't had any real cold days yet those will come in January.:rolleyes:
    I repurposed an old dog house to hold a 12 volt truck battery and charge controller to handle powering the tracker. The battery is charged with a 120 watt solar panel(which looks like it is resting on the ground).
    Over kill with the 120 watt solar panel I know but it was a spare.
    Once I've totally converted to 24 volts I may replace it with a 75 watt Shell panel.

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