Suntura & Actuators on roof of RV

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  1. I am wanting to single axis tilt a 14' 3" x 4' 1" steel truss frame holding seven solar panels. Total weight is 220 lbs.

    I am not sure if the Suntura will work for me being that lining up the RV North/South will always be approximate based on how it is parked.

    The frame will lie flat on the RV roof. I have additional truss sections for the linear actuators to push off from to distribute the pressure. I'd either like to use two or three actuators to tilt the frame instead of just using one as the steel truss is 6" wide and not as strong as larger/heavier gauge truss is.

    From setting up the frame in the garage it is lifted about 30". The solar panels will be mounted to the apex of the truss frame along the longer edges hanging over about 4". I can flip the big frame over if needed so that the apex is on the bottom. The three parts of the big frame that stick out can be used to attach actuators to. The long flat edge will be where it is hinged.

    I'd like to try and keep this as low to the roof as possible but I could raise it up about 5" using additional truss pieces if I need the room for mounting the actuators.

    I'll also need to be able to raise and lower the frame manually in addition to using the sun tracker when the RV is parked.




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