SUN-300G_WAL Grid Tie Inverter

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  1. Hello
    Newbie here
    I have 2 SUN-300G_WAL Grid Tie Inverters that I recently got along with a 500 watt wind turbine.
    They came with no manual or question is about how to hook them up.
    Have searched online for info....but the SUN-300G_WAL Grid Tie Inverter that I am able to find
    aren't like the ones I have. I was told that the ones I have will work for 3 phase A/C or for DC.
    Will try to post pics showing the specs that are on the data plate and a pic showing what I find for
    SUN-300G_WAL and a pic showing what mine really looks like.
    Thanks for any and all help.

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  2. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    The first one is a three phase hook up with a built in rectifier. You could hook DC to two of the red terminals but it would reduce the power rating given for the rectifier.
    The second one looks like DC ONLY unit with a built in dump load or a Solar unit which you can not use for wind power.
  3. yah the second 1 is for solar no dump load on it dc only
  4. This is the URL where I got the pic of a supposedly SUN-300G_WAL.
    that is the sun-300g_wal-not.jpg.

    The sun-300g_wal-ihave.jpg is the pic from this URL.
    It looks like the SUN-300G_WAL Grid Tie Inverters that I have.
    It is supposed to be for a SUN-250G_WAL

    In the layout description for both it says the same....copied & pasted here...


    There are 5 terminals on the left side of the inverter, 3 red terminals
    will be connected to the three phase output from the wind turbine, and 2
    black terminals will be connected to dump load resistors."

    I was told to hook the 12 volt DC wind turbine I have to the Grid Tie inverter
    by hooking the red wire from turbine to any red terminal and the black wire
    from turbine to any black terminal, then hook dump load to any red terminal
    and any black terminal like this says.....copied & pasted from instructions I
    got from the person I got this setup from.....hope I am telling this where it
    is understandable.....see below for copy & paste.

    "Ok , when you are looking at the Grid Tie where all the input terminals are you
    will see : 3 red in a row and 2 black . Since you are using a single phase you
    will only need 1 red and 1 black. I always use the 3rd red to the right and the
    first black at the top for my input. You will then see a flickering light
    letting you know it has initialized. When the Turbine starts spinning and reaches
    10.8 v the lights will trickle back and forth letting you know that it is putting
    power back into your home.Then you can use either red and the bottom black for the
    dump load. Dump load simply means if the power in your house goes out , then the
    grid tie diverts the energy from the turbine to the black and red you used for
    the dump load."

    Thanks to all
  5. ?? ah try post a pic of ur actual grid tie inverters that would help and do u have a dump load? Also there is a lot of info on these grid tie inverters on this forum try look around. aloha!
  6. The pic I posted of the SUN-300G_WAL looks just like I stated in my last post....copied& pasted below.

    "he sun-300g_wal-ihave.jpg is the pic from this URL.
    It looks like the SUN-300G_WAL Grid Tie Inverters that I have. <----------------------------------
    It is supposed to be for a SUN-250G_WAL"
  7. I have never hooked these up because I am afraid of burning them up if I hook up like I was told to.
  8. what tom said is the only answer i got for ya u kinda got the wrong inverter but maybe it could work the way he said i dont know.Dont hook that turbine to the inverter with only two posts it for solar could fry it and dont hook ur turbine up red wire to red post and black wire to black post on the inverters with the 3 red and 2 black posts.u got ac inverters and a dc turbine try ask
    hes good with these inverters.big aloha!
  9. Thanks JonGreen
    I understand about solar versus wind, I think what I have is wind....hence the WAL on the end of the Model.
    I was told they would work for A/C or DC.....I needed to have read everything I have now before I got these.
    Still wouldn't have helped because I didn't know I would be getting Inverters for A/C tho.
    Now I am wondering if I can bypass the the A/C me that might work.
    Was hoping someone had seen these apparently new(version)type inverters(leamywind1...:)) and knew how they
    are supposed to be hooked up. I do know the chinese put out new versions using the same model designations.

    Also....Thanks TomT
    Am sure you are right about hooking to 2 of the red terminals....why use when it isn't right tho.
    am a newbie totally but I want all I can get as most do...:)

  10. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    I don't know what wind turbine you have but does it have a built-in rectifier?
    If this is the case, perhaps you can bypass the turbine's rectifier, run three wires down from your turbine and hook up three AC leads to your GTI.
    I think this would be better than trying to bypass the inverter's rectifier.
    Can you give us some information about your wind turbine, it might shed some light on the subject?
  11. My turbine is a 12 volt 500 watt DC turbine.
  12. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    Yes you can bypass the rectifier inside the GTI. Open it up and take off the pos and neg leads that are hooked to the internal rectifier. Then solder them back on the pos and neg leads on the any of the two out of three posts, mark them red and black so you will know polarity. Now you have a DC input inverter. I have done this with a 500w 10-30v GTI, so i know it works.
    I hope this helps.:)
  13. Thanks Larry
    After I finally opened one of the inverters up and I saw how it was hooked up, I was almost sure that could be done and would work.
    Wanted the assurance from someone that knew these inverters tho.
    I want to get a 500 or 600 watt 22 to 60 volt inverter and hook up like yours
    Thanks for the info about doing that...:)

  14. Andy R.

    Andy R. WindyNation Engineer

    Yeah, Larry's the guy. Last week he even talked me through rewiring my 2 Walmart oil filled heaters to be hooked up in series and from AC to DC to be used for a dump load. (Did that make sense?)


    The finished product.

  15. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Good to see that you are able to make the inverters that you have work for you.

    Good idea on using oil filled heaters, they do tend to store heat and disperse it over a longer period of time than a normal dump load resistor.
    Is that done with 12VDC input? Have you had a chance to see it work?
    Isn't it wonderful having our resident electrician Larry handy?
  16. Andy R.

    Andy R. WindyNation Engineer

    No Timber, not a 12 volt system. I got a 2000 watt Chinese windmill on ebay. It's 72 volts. I'm doing a grid-tie without batteries. Complictated and a long road and probably won't be opperating for a month. A guy in Canada, Rob Beckers is helping me out and agreed that the oil filled heaters should work. The windmill is supposeed to peak up to 3000 watts so we'll be running the two 1500 watt heaters in series. Rob agrees with you that an "oil filled heater" should disperse heat very well and they're cheap.

    I jumped into a tough project and might crash and burn but Larry and Rob have been walking me through a "mine field". I'll keep you all posted.
  17. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    You have our best wishes on getting through the mine field ... interesting project, thanks for the info.

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