SUN 1000w Grid Tie Inverter

Discussion in 'Connecting to the Grid' started by windbag, Feb 10, 2011.

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    I dont think anyone has used one that big yet. I just bought this 600w ... K:MEWNX:IT . Its only $166 with free shipping and a 1 year warranty. so for the less money you could have 1200W and if 1 goes bad while it is getting replaced you still have the other.
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    Good point. It does make sense to go with multiple smaller units like you said.
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    Hi Guy's
    I wanted to confirm that i have heard they were having problems with the wind rated 1000w from someone who sells them. I am not sure if that is true or not as i too have not tested them or know anyone who has.

    If you guy's are using these $166.00 Sun G non rated wind inverters for solar they work well.Please BEWARE!! If you are using them for wind you will end frying them if you use them without battery clamping or some other makeshift control system. They are not made for wind.
    You will end up spending way to much on something you may not have to do. These inverters can not handle the inrush of volts and can not convert wind power quick enough to load down the turbine. They are made for steady voltage and amps. By the time you see the near rated watts you will be at an overvolt. Depending on how quick your turbine hits the input voltage you may never even see half the watts before overload. That is all before it may go poff.
    Just trying to help.
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    Sun G wind rated GTI 1000w
    Well guy's i can confirm that this inverter works fine other then the (2) fans being stuck on.LOL
    I am sure i can fix that.I have disconnected the fans for now. Other then that, the inverter functions perfectly. I have been using it with my 1 kw wind max seperated from my other two turbines. My other two wind max's are in parallel with two sun G 500w wind rated GTI's and also work great. So again it does work.
    Larry :D

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