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    Solar Power Cooling Fan: I just put 3 of these in my home and they work great. This unit pushes alot of air for it size. Uses 2.5 amps at 12 v on high with a 3 speed control. Uses (1) 40w 12v solar panel for power. Many options for it's use. Camping, by the pool, gable fan, air purifier, box fan, basement moisture, car shows, ect.
    I have started to put in place a relay and timer from my battery bank to run this fan at night as well. It will run for 5 hours (150WH) at night drawing cool ambient air in from the outside to my attic through the gable vent. I should get about 3 air exchanges in that time frame. During the day it will push in ambient air as my other two solar fans pull the hot air out along with pulling in cooler air fed from this fan. This should create good cross ventilation system in my attic. I also now have one in my living room. It's tied to it's own solar panel mounted and wired on the roof and it runs all day long now blowing cool air around our first floor. We get about 5 good hrs of full power out of it through the summer with bright sunshine facing the panel west. This is one of a few ways I will be using this system. Just one more way to utilize solar.

    Any Thoughts??
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    (2) 30w Windy Nation solar panels in parallel will also work well with this fan set up.
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    12 vdc 2000 GPH pump and filter system submersible. Works off (5)40 w 12vdc solar panels. This was a good summer project. WE now only run our electric pol pump for 3 hrs vs. 8. We also added a sprinkler system that makes a great water feature as the water is returned from the solar pool filter. I have to tell you it works GREAT. No batteries needed. Straight off the sun. The panels are in a combiner box with their own DC breakers and a DC GFI breaker protecting the 12 vdc pump.
    Just another way to use solar

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  4. Does it include thermostats & humidistats? I have read somewhere that these play a major role in making your room cooler (in case of attic fan).
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