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    Have you ever thought of all the parking lots, roadway, parks, outdoor landscaping could all be powered by solar? Well I have too. I decided to start selling these systems to my customers but found out an out of the box system is just way to expensive and unreliable as they make them with bare bones panels and batteries to only work when you have 8 hrs of sun. All the extra panels are an extra cost for you to really run it like 12hrs per night. I decided to research and design a system myself I could sell that was not so over the top in cost and had a great ROI to go with it. Most of the out of box pole lights or even just larger light systems are in the thousands just to purchase. Thanks to Windy Nation and their 200w solar panel kit among other components I found on line as well as local, I can now provide my customers with these system replacing lighting up to a 150w fixture. I built the system for my home to light up my driveway and I am also now installing this system for my customers. 30w LED 2000 Lumens 12/24v,panel racking, W/P battery enclosure box, 100ah AGM battery, CC, 24/7 timer, and (2) 100w solar panels with wiring.
    More info on this system at

    Califorina Closets Pottstown Pa
    solar pole pottstown pa 6.jpg Solar pole pottstown 6.jpg solar pole pottstown pa.jpg image.jpg solar pole pottstown 5.jpg
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  3. That sounds like a great idea. I was looking for a good use of the 4 100 watt panels and lighting up the front deck is a good project for me. Thanks
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    Glad to help. Good luck and pls keep us posted:)
  5. Will do. Gonna have to warm before I start that. 14 Degrees F this morning.
  6. That's nice !
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    Nice channel. Let me know if you ever need some drum tracks laid down.:))
  8. Will do !
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    Or Bass.
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  10. What a cool little rig!

    My Mother in law has one of those little uke bass things with rubber strings. It's pretty cool and sounds better than I would have thought.

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