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    The solar panels use industry standard MC IV (sometimes also labeled MC 4) connectors. MC 4 connectors can be purchased on ebay, Amazon, etc. They can also be purchased with the wire pre-crimped on to the MC 4 connectors.
  2. Ahem... All my Sharp ND-series panels use MC3!!
  3. My Sharps have the old mc3 also. They are also on the ground. The connection looks like a RCA jack with a rubber boot. The NC4's lock into place and make a trusty connection so you won't be crawling up on a icy roof wondering if its the connections.
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    My first panels came with just wires out of the junction box. The new ones have MC4 connectors. So better ask before buying. Or plan on converting them to match like I will have to do. Before I add the old to the new ones when I put them up on the roof.
  5. Yeah, I jumped all over my Sharp panels for the price. Northern Tool was having a clearance on them, skechy details, all NT said was they were returns and they worked. Find out they are the old style panels, and of B quality.
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    I think most new panels are using MC4 connectors. I guess MC4's are not the "industry standard" but are definitely extremely common.
  7. Looks like the mc4 connectors are holding up. No voltage loss. I was wondering why my wires are exposed and there's white spots on the shingles. Hope nobodys smoking in those nests. DSCN0736.JPG
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    I drilled holes in my racking and used stainless steel ty-raps from one of the big box stores to tie my connectors down so they can not slide around during wind storms. I tried plastic ties before and the white ones broke after a few months and the black ones only lasted a year.
  9. They will be comeing back off someday to install permanantly. I left the wireing long because too many times I decided to change things. Like I want a steel roof instead of shingles, But...........
    I had the panels on the ground so long that Google Earth has a picture of them.

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    As far as I know MC 4 connectors are the indusrty standard for industry standard UL brand name panels like Sharp, Kyocera, Canadian Solar, Schott, REC, Trinity and many more over the last 3-4 years. All of of my installations and using these name brand panels have these connectors. They even sell a tool to get them unlocked however a small staright screw driver will do the trick. Non UL approved panels like China (or others) made still may have MC 3 connectors as they are not part of the UL/NEC standards/requirements. Most of them are just CE approved or left overs from a few years ago when MC 4 connectors were no existant. A panel having an MC 4 connector is a good way to know if the panel is newer or older or just a no name brand POS.

    Just my 2 cents from my experiences:cool:

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