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Discussion in 'Connecting to the Grid' started by goingbroke, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. goingbroke

    goingbroke WindyNation Engineer

    Hi all, I have a friend at work who is setting up a wind system. I was checking his progress over the weekend. And I am confident he has a Solar GTI ( Sun 1000 ) I told him of my concerns. And his response was. It will work ok. What’s the difference any way. Well I drew a blank. Can any one give me some help on a logical reason to explain to him before he burns some thing up?

    Thank You
  2. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    Solar panels are current sources - relatively steady voltage but widely varying current (a 12V battery is a common current source, for example). Wind turbines are voltage sources - relatively steady current but widely varying voltage (with RPM). A GTI for solar attempts to lock in a voltage (near the MPPT rating point for the panel) and then allows the produced current to flow freely and efficiently. Place this same GTI on a wind turbine and it can't lock onto the voltage as it is usually all over the spectrum. A person can add a buffer battery to lock the voltage but then only the current can vary resulting in a large loss of power production capacity and introducing efficiencies into the turbine that would normally not be there. The SUN GTIs "tweaked" for wind have a faster MPPT tracking capability so they allow more variation on voltage but they may still drop out of lock a lot unless the wind is very steady. Even with these, the buffer battery seems to be needed. There is no great GTI solution out there yet that I am aware of for microwind turbines.
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  3. goingbroke

    goingbroke WindyNation Engineer

    Thank you for the info. I will pass this on to my friend......
  4. TomT

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    I just ran a test with a Solar GTI and my voltage switch. Minnesota is right. The Solar works great below 12 mph with steady winds. It stays at 17-20 volts . Above that and it goes right up to 30 volts and disconnects. Without the voltage controlled switch connected to a dump . It would fry the Solar GTI.

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