Solar charging using P20L

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  1. Supppose you had 2 solar charging systems. One had 1 100watt solar panel connected to 2 GC-2 batteries in parallel and the other is the same other than replacing the 100watt panel with a 200watt panel. Assuming that each panel is connected until the arrow flashes on the P20L is the amount of watt/hrs of charge using 1 100watt panel the same as using 1 200watt panel? So in other words, will I have the same amount of charge using either panel, so long as the arrow is flashing on the P20L?
  2. TomT

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    It's really hard to tell.
    PWM drops panel voltage to battery voltage.
    Then you use current and battery voltage for watts.
    Being a 200 watt will be a much higher voltage.
    You are going to lose alot of your power.
    Better to add another 100 watt panel in parallel.

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