So. West Michigan windmills

Discussion in 'Post Your Photos' started by Bub73, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Bub73

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    I'm new here on the forum and have just started using Windy Nation blades late this summer after trying many others. The winds here in So. West Michigan are light and hard to get useful energy out of until I tried the Windy Nation hyper spin 5's.
    Below I will post some pictures of our current projects all kinda on hold for winter weather and improved economy.

    Bub73[attachment=0:244g2w6o]Graham Ind..jpg[/attachment:244g2w6o][attachment=1:244g2w6o]daton_1.jpg[/attachment:244g2w6o][attachment=2:244g2w6o]delco.jpg[/attachment:244g2w6o]

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  2. windyguru

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  3. Bub73

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    @windyguru ;

    Its the same one and has been preforming well.
    We have been having some heavy winter weather the last few days here high wind 20+ mph, snow, cold 7 degrees above zero tonight and very dark days; so the solar hasn't done much but the delco with the hyper spin 5's has been keeping the battery's up nicely.
    I run most of my living room lights, stereo and some days like today days my wide screen monitor.
    I tried to get a pic of my volt/amp output today but it turned out poorly; so excuse the pic quality my camera is getting old.[attachment=0:1lw4pq1n]5's.jpg[/attachment:1lw4pq1n]

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  4. bluejay

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    Where in southwestern MI? Around South Haven here...
  5. joshua24br

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    How are your generators doing? I live in Sawyer, MI 49125 over on Lake Michigan between New buffalo and St. Joe. Being that I am really new to this and will be trying to put on up for an orphanage in East Africa, I'd love to see your stuff. Drop me a message at

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