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    Southwest has made some interesting advances with the smart charge controller they integrated into their AIR-X. (read about it). It seems that these same concepts could apply to any small wind turbine, completely eliminating the need for divert controllers and dump load resistors. A standalone controller that had these features would be a hot seller if priced right. Clearly they are not expensive to manufacture for the 500w class turbine size.
    • Peak-power tracking (MPPT)
    • Control RPM to eliminating overspeed and noise
    • Slows and even stops the blades to reduce wear when batteries are full
    • Automatically adapts charge rate based on battery bank AH size (that's cool)
    • No divert function needed
    • Automatically slows turbine to 600 rpm in extreme winds to reduce wear and noise



    It might be fun to see how these work with a different PMA.
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    Tom, are you volunteering your eletrical engineering services :) ?
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    You couldn't afford my volunteering rates! :D
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    Had one burned up:(. That system failed inmy Air X.

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