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  1. Tuicemen

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    So your looking to install a solar tracker on an existing array but your not sure if the Suntura can handle it.
    Or you wish to start from scratch and want to know how many panels the Suntura kit can handle?
    Introducing the free Array Calculator:[​IMG]
    Although signed for the designed for the Suntura kit you can use this to see if different actuators could handle the array.
    Simply input values into the white input areas and click Calculate.
    It will let you know if your array can be handled by the actuator for a given wind load as well as if a specific angle should be avoided at a given wind speed.
    It will also will calculate your Array wattage.

    If anyone has suggestions for improvements or wishes to comment feel free to post here.;)
    Note: This is only to be used to give a rough guideline and should not be the only means to calculate your array size.

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